Surveying the ice on Mote Lake

A momentous day today in that the carpets were fitted today at Doreen's house. Only one step to go now with the furniture delivered tomorrow and finally, finally all should be complete. We spent some 3 hours up there this afternoon vaccuming the carpet and generally cleaning the ktichen and bathrooms ready for her return on Thursday. We rewarded ourselves with fish and chips at Marino's in Bearsted, bringing in fish and chips for Doreen when we returned.

We had time to fit in a walk. Mote Lake was still frozen despite the rapid rise in temperatures. It was like a spring day. This boy and his father were surveying the ice, breaking bits of, trying to chuck it so that it cracked the ice further away. They were not successful in this endeavour.

Earlier in the day I'd chaired the quarterly Champions conference call that was a little fraught at the beginning as the pin number we'd been given to join the conference wasn't recognised by the system. A rapid change of plan created a new conference and by the use of phone calls and emails we managed to get in touch with all the participants, starting 15 minutes late. All went well after that.

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