Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A new view ...

... of a familiar scene. Loch Eck looked different, somehow from simply being photographed from further back, as it were - not from above, which I've done before, but just a little way in from its shores. I was visiting a friend (made online, on Flickr) who has recently bought a mobile home on the site next to the Coylet Inn, sadly derelict for the last two years after a fire, but now looking to open again. I've driven past this site more times than I can think of in the past 43 years (so long? oh dear ...) but never really looked at it, never seen the tidy plots, the cared-for tiny gardens, the bird feeders, the neat grass.

And what you can't see from the car is, of course, the view. It's hard to get very far from the loch side , as the glen is so narrow, but this little enclave provided the chance. It's quite a view.

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