Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


So... last week, I spotted a public transport bus which was advertising Dubai Car Free day... but for some reason, it didn't have the date. I scratched my head as to why the local authority would organise and advertise a day like this, and then not give the most vital part of the info required.

G said about meeting up for lunch again today, so I made a packed lunch, and set off to meet up with her. Whilst parking up to face the beach, I was surprised then when she announced the date for Car Free Day. "How do you know?"  I asked. She pointed to this... so there you are. For some reason, this is being advertised on the beach. There is a car covered in "grass" just behind, but I wanted to capture the entire sign and the yellow flag...

A very happy lunch hour. I managed to impress G! Then collected my Pakistan ID card from the Consulate, and then home to try to see about a trade licence etc. Not sure why, but it suddenly occurred to me that I forgot to handover the cash to the attendant when I was at the petrol station, so after G came home, we set off to put that right!

Stopped off at the Biryani Pot for a takeaway. I really fancied a biryani. New place; never tried it before and never heard any friends mention it either. It was ok. Small portions. G wasn't too impressed! We've tried it though. :)

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