Blue with cold

Not really, as it has warmed up again today. It was the intense blue of this agapanthus that attracted me to it. In a dark corner of someones garden as I walked past this morning. Everything laden with moisture after the rain.

No time for commenting today as we got a last minute call that there were tickets available for Operatunity so we whizzed off to that before 10am and not back till after 2pm. Operatunity is a travelling show with different singers and musicians, usually former opera singers. They come round about every  6 weeks with a different themed show. Today it was Waltz of My Heart, next month The Amores and so on. A bit of comedy, a variety of songs with a couple we all sing to, a sandwich lunch afterwards and it was packed out. About 400 people or more. They also do tours overseas with shows etc on the itinerary. Look up their website if you think it is for you.

I had tried to get a full years tickets but it is so popular missed out but on the waiting list and got in. They have now put on extra afternoon shows for some months and we are booked for those. It's all go.

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