Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7


New Zealand or Banded I am not sure. I can't see the band so think it may be the NZ species.

This was the last thing blipmate and I saw as we left the Kumaras end of a very damaged and log littered pathway that runs beside the coastline there. We had gone to see the changes since the storm, when the tide was out. The sand dunes/spit part has altered with the sand having been pushed up higher leaving it looking very flat. Often it isn't until you compare it with earlier photos that you realise how much it has changed.

The dotterels were in a paddock along with a plover in amongst some storm rubbish. I am hoping that isn't a dead bird beside this one and I think that may be a dead man (empty bottle) behind it. As per usual too far away to get really clear shots.

The temperature is much cooler today, my sort of temp. I should have been full of energy but have sat talking and catching up with various people instead and now watching the World 7's having it's debut in Hamilton, NZ.

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