The extra warm weather has meant a flurry of Monarch Butterflies emerging today.

This was the first and I have included a brief timeline of photos as extras.

Extra Photos
1 - Chrysalis moments before the butterfly emerged
2 - Early stages of arrival
3 - Main blip photo. The butterfly lost its grip and ended up on its back.
4 - Dignity recovered. The butterfly clung to the offered chrysalis and back  into a hanging position with the wings slowly inflating
5 - Wings fully extended and drying

A fuller range of previous photos can be found via the Monarch Butterfly Cycle tag found on this page or here if you want to see a more detailed timeline as it emerges from the chrysalis.

Yesterday’s view along the mooring rope to the yacht has been popular and I wish to thank you for the lovely comments, stars and hearts. High tide is later this evening and we are looking forward to another cooling swim, this time after dinner so I’m uploading my blip earlier today.

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