……………........ in Nature 

Sadly, nature isn’t perfect 100% of the time.

This butterfly emerged from its chrysalis this morning and as you saw in yesterday’s series, their wings are crumpled until filled with fluid.
I left for my morning in the research room expecting to find a butterfly ready to be released on my arrival home.
Instead, I found this one with very bent wings and lying on the ground. I picked it up and provided this dahlia for it to hang from. 
Yes, the wings have straightened a little, but I doubt it fully recover.

It is another photo I want added to my tagged group of blip photos “Monarch Butterfly Series

I am very appreciative of the stars, hearts and many comments received for yesterday’s photos and also the previous two blips which are sitting on the on the front of the popular pages. Your generosity is very special and I send you all a huge thank you. 

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