Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Today was completely different to yesterday in that the rain was gone and it was hot and ideal for a walk along the beach which was only a few minutes from our apartment.

On the way I spotted a hairdressers and as it was quiet the lovely young girl gave me a haircut as she chatted to us. The $35 (about £20) cost nearly treble what I pay back home!

We walked along Vasey beach around the cliff and back when we saw a young couple sat on the grass; the chap with a parrot on his back and a dog infront of them. On chatting to them I learned it was their pet and it'd hadn't been clipped to stop it flying - it stayed as it wanted! They let me handle it and I set Mrs BB up to take a photo as she played with their dog.

A short distance away was a sectioned off area with lifeguards where we duly went in for a swim to cool off despite not having towels with us. A sign nearby warned of the possiblity of crocodiles and 'stingers'!

We spent the afternoon back at our accommodation relaxing around the lovely pool and jacuzzi.....safer than the beach!

Vasey beach was named after the general who died in a plane crash nearby - the beach being used for military world war pratice landings.

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