Not Manflu...?!

Well, the flu bug which hit me on Sunday, which I reckoned was manflu, has now spread itself to MrsC. So it must be proper flu after all! Makes me wonder why I bothered to have a flu jab (MrsC didn't) - I assume the crafty bug has changed itself since the vaccine was made.

In honour of all those fellow blippers who are also currently experiencing the delights of this lurgy (and there seem to be lots of us in this boat) I've made a model of the flu virus using a grapefruit and cocktal forks. I enjoyed sticking the forks into the "virus" core, hoping it will have a voodoo effect on the real virus which is troubling so many of us. A moderate degree of Photoshop abuse was, of course, required.

If you search Google Images for "flu virus" you'll see that mine is quite a reasonable likeness.

As it's clearly a wild organism, having a wild time in our bodies, I'll be tagging it for "Wild Wednesday", with thanks to  Cailleach for hosting.

(You'll realise, of course, that with the benefit of regular paracetamol (acetaminophen for our US blippers), I'm not so ill that I can't be bothered to faff for the sake of blip!)

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