The Old Forge (Tuesday 7th February 2017)

I discovered a while ago that there was no stopcock inside the Old Forge, and the one outside in front of the porch had jammed up, and once freed it turned out not to turn the water off inside anyway. This meant that if I needed the water turned off I had to use a shared stopcock just off the main road that also disconnected my two closest neighbours.
Furthermore, the main water pipe inside where I wanted a new one fitted proved very tricky to locate, having defeated two previous plumbers. It turned out to have been embedded in a stone wall.
The plumber who came yesterday finally located where it went and succeeded in plumbing in this new one in the cupboard underneath the sink.

8.2.2017 (1608 hr)

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Lozarhythm of the Day:
The Electric Prunes -Kyrie Eleison/Gloria (1968)
Produced and arranged by David Axelrod
Electric Prunes: Jim Lowe (vocal, rhythm guitar, tambourine, harmonica), Ken Williams (lead guitar, effects), Mike Gannon (rhythm guitar, vocal), Mark Tulin (bass, piano, organ, vocal), Michael "Quint" Weakley (drums, percussion)
with Bill Henderson (from the Collectors)(vocal, guitar), four celli and four French horns
RIP David Axelrod (17 April 1933, Los Angeles CA – 5 February 2017)

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