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By dbifulco

Wee Wild Wednesday

It is actually a very calm Wednesday ... the calm before the storm.  We are due to get somewhere between 5 and 13 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow morning, which makes today's 59 F seem all the better.  And, I just knew hoped that if I poked around in the garden a bit, I'd find something crawly!  Sure enough, not one but TWO lady bird beetles, both moving very slowly.  After a quick photo shoot, I put them both back into the mulch in the garden where they'll be snug until the next thaw.

When I checked our forecast yesterday, they were predicting 1-3 inches of snow with this storm, but apparently things have changed because now the forecasts are all over the place, with most saying over 10 inches.  It definitely looks like this will be our first significant snow of the year.  Just happy it's happening after we've gotten MIL moved!  Can you even imagine if we'd been contending with a snowstorm during the 900-mile drive???  

Speaking of MIL, I popped over for a visit this morning and we had some good laughs.  Most of the time, I find myself answering the same questions over and over, but I don't mind, especially when I can get her laughing.  It is so nice that the retirement home is only 3 miles from our house - I can be there in 5-7 minutes so popping in is just so easy.  I left an iPad with her so that I can Facetime her in the morning since I don't expect we'll be dug out until sometime in the afternoon.  I'll have to call first and get one of the aides there to help her with the iPad which they said they are happy to do. 

Since the weather is so perfect today, I'm going to head out for a walk now.  I feel the need for a good stretching of the legs and clearing of the mind.  Perhaps a little "forest bathing"...

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