Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Toot Toot

Well, the snow arrived as promised.  This morning you could barely see across the Lane, it was snowing so hard, and by the time it was done we had close to a foot of snow.  And, not the nice fluffy kind, either - no, this was the kind that makes you curse when you are shoveling it.  But I'm not complaining.  I spent most of the morning on the sofa taking shots through the window.  We had well over a hundred birds scattered around the feeders, including 49 red-winged blackbirds - a bird we see in the yard only infrequently and never in such large numbers.  

By 11 the snow had stopped by the winds were gusting over 30 MPH.  And hour later, the sun was out, and by 1 pm, we'd cleared the driveway, walkways and a path on the deck.  In the midst of this, I called MIL to check in and she sounded like she was doing fine.  Hubs will go over to see her a little later; and I'll spend time with her tomorrow.  

Several weeks ago (or maybe a month, I lose track) a second red-breasted nuthatch showed up, much to my delight.  Usually they don't visit the feeders together but I'll often hear one tooting in the woods when the other is at the feeders.  This afternoon when the sun finally came out they both showed up.  I captured this one as it was tooting to the second one, waiting its turn for the peanuts.  Before this winter, I've only ever had one, briefly, in the yard, so I am enjoying these two for as long as they stay.  

If you'd like to see some photos taken in the snow this morning, I've posted three on Flickr, starting HERE with a miscreant squirrel!  

Funniest thing I saw today was a starling taking a bath as the snow fell at a rate of 2 inches per hour and the temperatures hovered at 30 F.  Crazy bird spent a good 5 minutes splashing around in the water, while the other birds looked on in horror.

I've also had some fun doing some slightly overexposed images of birds with snowy backgrounds.  I personally like the stark look of them, but I know they won't appeal to all.  But, if you'd like to have a look, two images in Extra.  Comments always welcome, pro or con.


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