Mount Torlesse at Dawn

I was up early for an appointment in Rolleston to have my two-yearly retina test. My son (Aliveunwed) drove me because I expected to have my pupils dilated, but it wasn’t necessary. This meant I could go to a movie. We went to Christchurch and picked up my daughter (FirehorseMia) from a cafe where she was celebrating her birthday with friends. A had to take his car for repairs after dropping us off at the cinema, and then walk back.

We saw Saroo Brierley’s Lion, which was very good. I had listened to an unabridged reading of the book and was glad to see it on a big screen. Then we waited while A picked up his car. After taking FM home there was shopping to do. We arrived home for a late meal feeling rather tired.

It was lovely to spend time with both my children.

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