A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Dark and Dismal

This is not the best of shots but it is just what I can see as I sit here doing my knitting. It is the same vase of tulips I used for my abstract over a week ago here but the flowers are fading and coming to,an end which is when I like them the best. Just as they start to flop. I also like the shadows they create against the wall.

It has rained all day and if it had been the forecast snow we would have had quite a covering. At least that would have been more interesting. I have not set foot outside the door and have no intention of doing so.

In my periphery vision I can see the bird feeders through the front window, yesterday we got a Flutter Butter as described by Wendles56 but as yet we have had no visitors.( It's peanut butter for birds with its own feeder) 
At least there is some rugby to watch although I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the match later this afternoon!

Just Sally asked to see my embroidery in full which featured in the background of my Panto dress blip. It's in the extra. In the background here is a sepia cross stitch I did a while ago, it reminds me of the church where I was married and where I went as a child.
Hope this weather improves soon!

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