We 'Az Cats

Ben and Jerry are staying with us while George and Kat are living it up in Dooby for a few days. George almost forgot that he had to arrange cat care while they were away!

As you can see, they've made themselves comfy on the settee in the conservatory, although they'd prefer to settle under the settee in the living room where it's warmer. We open the door for them to come in from time to time. Eventually, it gets too chilly, so they get evicted back to the conservatory.

Basil had a much needed haircut this afternoon, while I went and sat in Oakley Grange cafe for a couple of hours.

The farmers have procured more straw bales for bedding and the cows have been moved into the barn nearer the house since they are due to calve. When I arrived, they were hungrily munching hay.

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