Walking in the Park

This morning I had a choice. I could go downstairs and work on my book from my trip or I could take a walk. The weather was inviting and I chose to walk. I had a lovely time. I saw several birds: female buffleheads, male goldeneye, male varied thrush, chestnut backed chickadees, and more lbbs. (little brown birds) It felt so good to be walking and enjoying the fresh air.

I got home in time to have a light lunch before Helena came over. We spent an hour making reservations for her to visit her mom at the end of this month. Then we took an Uber cab to Silverado and spent several hours with Arvin. It was a lovely relaxing time. He still wants to be home but he enjoyed our company. We relaxed and had a coffee while we talked and then we ate dinner together. I had a chance to meet DWBham who was there visiting her mother. We had not recognized that we were fellow blippers until very recently.

Helena took the WTA home and I used Uber to get home. So far I've met three kind and friendly immigrants driving the Uber cars. Two were Arab and one was Chinese I think. I wish that DWT would have a chance to meet and talk to some of the people he seems to want to kick out of our country. 

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