One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Bronze medal

in the U10 centipede category.


A day of Indoors Athletics Championships for Finn and me.
The major change this year is that it actually took place indoors! 

It took no less than twelve overweight men in suits to officially open the indoor arena. Not a woman or athlete in sight, mind. Which didn't go down too well... 

We will gloss over Finn's performance, or lack thereof. The nerves got the better of him. I tried to encourage him, tried to calm him down. I managed twice but when he burst into tears a third time and started to hyperventilate, I thought better than have him traumatised for life and pulled him off. 
There is no medal for snot and tear throwing. Which is a pity. 

He recovered pretty well and we both enjoyed seeing his colleagues qualifying through the heats and making it to the finals. 

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