Hey! That's My Peanut - Oil on Canvas

Another in my wild jays series of small paintings. This one is 11 by 14 inches in size. I finished it today in open studio. My eye is much better so it didn't seem like a struggle to paint today. This one is going in our March Chasing Jacob Lawrence show. I had planned to do something a bit closer to his subject and style, but the eye surgery and everything else kind of got in the way. So I decided to show this one instead.

Betty the notary public had to come over again today to fix a couple of bungles she and I made on the closing papers. I think now we are really finished. Now I await eagerly for the lump sum I decided to take out immediately. What a long and tedious process.

Helena came over for dinner and we had a good evening together. She met Betty who I learned tonight is not 90 years old. She's 91 1/2. And she is still working. And full of energy. Wow. 

Helena and I watched a sweet movie and then I called the Uber cab to take her home. This time it was a gal driving.

Thanks for all your kind words on yesterday's blip.

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