The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie


I figured there would be one when I saw the rain falling and the sun shining. We have them fairly often due to our tendency to have rain in the winter.

Today was a busy one. I left at ten to go visit Arvin and participate in an experience to make it clearer what people with dementia experience. We all donned shoe inserts that caused us to feel pins and needles in our feet, gloves to make it hard to feel or pick up stuff, glasses that blocked parts of our vision and headphones that made a lot of background noise at us including a very loud fire siren part way through the recording. We were then given a list of about six things to do and sent into a room to do them. There was somebody in there watching what happened. Well, I didn't get the first thing accomplished. I was supposed to find the gray pants and put the black belt in its belt holes. I never could find the pants. Within a few minutes I realized I was getting nowhere so I gave up and went back into the main room. Soon the other two folks were there and we all talked about what it felt like and how frustrating it was. All this really helped us improve our approach to telling our loved ones things. Simple. Not too much at once. Find a quiet place. Help them if needed. Don't get angry or frustrated with them. Understand their frustration. The whole thing only took fifteen minutes but it was very helpful.

Afterwards I joined Arvin for lunch and then drove over to my support group. (Did you notice I said I drove over?) Yes indeed. I can drive again. What a freeing experience that is. The bubble in my eye is really small now and I can see well enough to drive with stereo vision. It felt very good to be able to go places on my own. That being said, my friends were so incredibly helpful when I couldn't drive. And I got to meet several Uber drivers who all were friendly and helpful as well.

After the group I went to Haggen's and did a large shopping. I was getting low on supplies. Gradually I am returning to the world of normalcy and I am very happy about that.

This evening I watched four episodes of "Victoria" because several of my friends were raving about the show. I am really enjoying it too. So glad they encouraged me to watch it.

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