By itcouldbelove

oil pastels

i'm an early childhood education major. after i graduate i want to teach preschool. in some of my classes, i often get to do artwork and it aggravates my friends, because they're taking hard classes and i get to color in class. it's great. i love college. :)

today in class (creative experiences with young children) i got to draw a picture of a flower with oil pastels. i took a picture of it and then turned it into a negative image. so this isn't actually the colors i drew with--that'd be really cool, though. this is the negative image. i thought it looked really neat, so i decided to post it this way.

i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has left me an encouraging comment. i really enjoy blip for that factor--you guys see my pictures and give me encouragement and advice. i really appreciate it. when i post images on flickr i hardly ever get comments and when i do, they are generally from rating communities i am in and i tend to get negative feedback, which is always discouraging. so i really like blip and all of you here that make it a wonderful community to be a part of. so thank you. :)

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