Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


The day feels like it evaporated in a haze. Not sure why now. I think I actually have got some things sorted (credit card annual fees reversed!). Have done the blood test to check how the second round of infusions have impacted my iron levels.

Then had a quiet afternoon until we met up with my cousin who is passing through Dubai with his wife on their way to Bali for their honeymoon! (They got married last year). We suggested Caesar's as there is a range of cuisines to choose from, but we ended up having sizzlers.

Then took them for a night drive to see our skyscrapers and ended up on Burj Al Arab Beach where we took the customary tourist pictures. :) Introduced them to masala tea and as Salman wanted an espresso, I pulled in to this very quaint bistro along Beach Road. No idea why I've never noticed it during the day, but it really stood out all lit up in the night. LOVE the decor. G & I have to go back to check out their food.

Think we dropped them back to their hotel around 12:40 or something, and now, I really must get to bed as we're meeting up again tomorrow after church. :)

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