The day had started grey and rather sombre.
After lunch we decided to walk along the Weser and we walked as far as Würgassen. Chatting all the time, sat on several benches, and were surprised to see blue at the horizon appearing above the hills.
Another surprise was the sight of several formations of cranes who flew to the North. An extra photo to show one formation.
We stared and stared, seeing the constant change of some birds, loosing track, or finding a new place in the row.
And then the noise they make, we did hear their sound before we even saw them.
There were humans walking with their dogs on our path, and one or two cyclists on their bike. Not many birds or other animals. Some chickens in
in a meadow, and the pony eating the grass.

Tomorrow the 11th of February there will be another Silly Saturday Challenge. The tag is #SilS20, and/or SillySaturday20.
I am thrilled to find out what new silly, funny and absurd pictures we can collect in the galleries. Thank you beforehand for your joining it.

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