Lodge Farm House

Firstly some spring updates. I saw my first butterfly of 2017 flutter past the window on the day before yesterday. I think it was a red admiral. Yesterday morning I saw a tortoiseshell. I went for a walk at Lodge Farm this afternoon and heard my first skylark of the year. What a sublime sound it is.

I don't think I've blipped the farmhouse before, it was catching the golden hour sunlight beautifully against a sky with a hint of storm. 

Today's poem is Fare Well by Walter de la Mare. http://www.poemtree.com/poems/FareWell.htm

Another poem about death but I quite like this one. The title is fare well not farewell. The poet is grateful for the beauties of the world that he loves and is willing them to fare well for the benefit of those who come after him after he has said his final farewell.

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