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Boo bear says ...

Happy First Anniversary Blipfoto!

We had a matinee performance this afternoon, always very different to the evening ones. I asked Haydn yesterday if I could photograph him for my blip this afternoon when there is more light and he agreed. I took some of him posing but I preferred this one of him checking his lines.

I have combined this with my anniversary blip to celebrate one year on from the rescue of blipfoto. We can't thank those involved enough for keeping this wonderful site going. Like today's blip I can record all the minutiae of my life. Annual events like the pantomime and lovely walks in the countryside with friends observing the seasonal changes in nature in and around our village.

Of course it's great to have a record of these things but there are a myriad ways of doing this in today's digital age but blipfoto has the all important difference of a wonderful community to share them with.

I really don't know what I would do without the daily contact of all the supportive people out there. Great photographs; an insight to living in other parts of the world; sharing the pleasures of travel and the development of people's families.
There is so much I can't include it all but suffice it to say I have been doing blip for nearly 7 years with over 2500 entries so it must be good!

So glad the show managed to go on as it will tonight!

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