Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I had a chance to read Blipfuture's post of yesterday... can't believe it's been a year! They've done well, and I *think* I can just about take part in today's theme of wishing them a Happy Anniversary...

It's been a day at home. Much needed too after all the racing around we've been doing and our coughs are getting us both down! My one chance of a photo was this lucky bamboo which G got just before Christmas. It is starting to sprout - hooray! I will like it more when it's got more shoots on it, but for now, I can't help thinking it is throwing out leaves in what I think is quite an unorganised way! Unlike Blipfuture of course, who have carefully charted the way ahead and are managing their limited resources very well.

Well done to them and THANK YOU to our four directors for keeping our much loved community going! :D

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