Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Chinese Arts

We had a number of errands to run mostly in Dubai Mall. First off, to the bank to update my Emirates ID card despite having done it last May. Next to the Economic Department who have a branch a short walk away.

It was time to complete the renewal of the Trade Licence. Last month, I was told I could only pay by cash, so was very pleasantly surprised when the cashier said I could pay by credit card. Talk about providence. I then had to go back to the bank to deposit the cash I had just withdrawn.

Had lunch at Elevation Burger - we checked them out for the first time,  and then headed to Christofle. G had a beautiful picture frame given to her as a gift. She uses it to display a picture of her mum in her twenties. Unfortunately, due to the heat, the frame keeps falling apart. It has already been replaced once but even the replacement collapsed, so it's gone back to them as a faulty piece. It is still with them.

A Chinese Arts fair has been organised on the occasion of Chinese New Year, so we checked it out. There was a painter who used sugar to make little animal shapes which get handed to you on a stick, like a lollipop. There was a glass painter, a lady doing a tea ceremony, Chinese calligraphy and a couple of others.

The last thing on the list was to head to Volvo - anytime after 3pm we were told yesterday. One of the back doors won't open from either side and as I parked up, the window on the same door went (I could put it down but it wouldn't go back up again). The technicians checked it while we waited. The lock problem got sorted with WD40; the window, however, needs a new motor. Apparently, I was told years ago not to use it (?!) so it's amazing that it's worked up to now.

Managed to get a chat with Margaret in the evening. She sounded well and had even been working in the garden for a few hours in the afternoon. I thought it was freezing in the UK, but today was very mild. There you go! The temperature got up to 35degC today, and it's not even the end of February!

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