Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


It gets worse before it starts to get better! This was my room two hours ago. I am pleased to say it is back to normal, with the things that need to go out identified for when we do a car boot sale.

We had a good OaSis meeting in the morning and a quiet afternoon. G's last day off tomorrow, then five weeks of term before an Easter break. There was talk for about thirty minutes about going to Cyprus on a new budget airline that will start operating soon, but we've decided against it.

The biggest thing about the clear out today was coming across my old passports. One, in particular, revealed a lot of history (my first one). I then remembered a bag of papers given by Pauline last year that I still need to sort through. I couldn't believe it when I found all the passports of both my mum and dad! It was interesting and hard going through them. I have discovered though, the exact date that I arrived in Dubai. I can't say "this country" because the United Arab Emirates hadn't been formed yet! It cost the grand sum of Five Pakistani Rupees for her visa to enter the Trucial States, and she made her application at the British High Commission in Lahore! Amazing. I had to post it as an extra. All passports now sorted in date order and put away in a safe place.

I also found an old Polaroid camera that G had bought back in the 90's for a Church Open Day. It had four AA batteries which hadn't leaked, as well as some "film" and when I pressed the Power button, the lens popped out ready to take a picture!

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