The Unmaking of .......

 ......the Bed!

Definitely not the best blur-free photo ever taken but I couldn't go get my tripod or he would have jumped down and come with me.  This was taken from my chair in the "office" across the landing and into the bedroom early this morning.  
So, hand-held with the ISO screwed up to 8000 and the exposure up +1.7 - at least that's what the settings say.

Whisper has developed this habit of unmaking the bed ...... not content with laying at the bottom like he used to ..... he now scruffles up the quilt and makes himself comfortable near the top.  This is about as much of him as I get to see.  He's a boy who likes his comfort obviously!!
(I know it's not everyones choice to let their pets on the bed but please don't judge me as a bad person for that - we are all different  :o)) ..... )


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(I seem to be in pink mode!!)



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Thank you very much to the 96 blippers who joined in - and also to Bunty who didn't seem to think there were enough flowers in her photo to qualify - wrong!!! 

Next week is FlowerFriday24  (it being the 24th) ..... hope to see you all again.

~ Anni ~

(Oh, a two day ''mission'' on Monday/Tuesday - blipping will be late both days ...... no midnight start though and no flying either so relatively restful ... maybe)

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