Return to Fender

More gardening, much bigger fire and the return of the chainsaw. There are still bits of the garden that we've never really sorted so I spent a couple of hours clearing them. We also had a dead tree in the zip line flight path so that had to go. This meant I needed to use the chainsaw which was truculent to say the least as it's not been started for yonks. Anyway some clean Petrol and lots of yanking and eventually it fired and with a few splutters ran properly. Tree chopped, all cleared and luckily yesterdays fire was still burning.

My plan for the afternoon was to play guitar however the Telecaster decided that top e strings are no longer a priority and I broke two within 30 mins. I suspect it's my stringing technique. All sorted now though and it's still lovely. Two band practices next week so it had better behave.

Right there is a rack of lamb that needs my attention. I hope your week is good.

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