Richmond Through The Morning Mist

BB was awake very early, and so therefore were we!  I got up and headed out for a  walk.  It was a lovely morning, mild, still, misty, but with the sun breaking through in places.  It was good being out and about when there weren’t many people around.  When I got home for breakfast, BB was already champing at the bit to go down town as there were Pokémon to be caught.

We three eventually headed out, having a look around the shops, the market and the farmers’ market.  A few bits and pieces were purchased, including four small pots of bulbs for £2.50.  Last week I bought one small pot of bulbs at the botanic gardens for £2.70, and that included a discount!  When we got home, Grandma had prepared us a lovely lunch, and we all ate too much.

TT then dragged us out for a walk to Willance’s Leap, which was perhaps not such a great idea after a huge lunch!  Apparently TT had told BB the story of Robert Willance the last time we were at Grandma's, so he thought he would take us to the very spot.  We made it, though it was very muddy in places and very windy on the top of the hill and BB wasn’t in such a good mood!  Not surprisingly the walk back, didn’t take as long as the walk there.

After a rest to catch our breath, we three and Grandma headed out again – this time to the cinema to see the Lego Batman movie.  BB has been so excited since I told him we were going.  He loved it.  We three adults were all left reeling from the fast moving assault on the senses!  A good movie I think – but I was left wondering who has the imagination and creativity to dream it all up and then bring it all together!

Once BB was in bed, we settled down to watch Testament of Youth on TV.  It’s not often I watch two films in one day, and definitely not too such diverse films.

It was a full on and busy day, but a good day.  Here is a view of Richmond through the morning mist.  The extra shows BB at Willance's Leap.

Happy birthday to blip - I'm so pleased it is still going.

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