This week’s MonoMonday challenge is ‘Love your pet’.  Well Biskit is with his Mum today, my second favourite doesn’t like having her photo taken (that’s me in trouble again), and my third choice is looking after Biskit . . .  Well you’ve got to love the plecs, so here is an EB taken with the telephone.
Sorry for the quality but it is a ‘shoot anything because you are out of sorts and may not get another chance’ type of day, and I still have to summon the energy for a ‘Rippingale Feast’ meeting this evening.
Just to finish, we have two very happy plecs at the moment.  They love their courgette.  Not cucumber as all the experts tell you – courgette.  They hate cucumber!  There has been a world shortage of courgettes over the past week or so as you may have noticed, so when I finally managed to get some over the week-end they were more than pleased.  Mrs W showed them the courgette through the glass before she put it in, and the excitement in the tank warranted a birthday party.  Both were waiting before she could get the lid open.  There was the remains of some courgette at the front of the shot, but it was ‘burnt out’ so I removed it by good old PS.  It may be a rubbishy EB, but I do have a little pride.
Thanks to KangaZu for hosting this MonoMonday

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