Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Heaven knows what the men in high-viz jackets are discussing; it's to be hoped that they know what exactly is going on at the entrance to Dunoon pier as the former car marshalling area is demolished. The pavement seems to be growing wider - why? It's not as if it ever gets busy these days - and there will be no parking that I can see. In the background, the Queen's Hall refurbishment is under way at last. Clearly, it will not be ready in time for any visitors brave enough to turn up this summer.

I'm going to add another extra today, a lone man walking on the beach just a little further along the West Bay. He's talking on his phone, but as I got mine out to take the photo he was standing quite still staring at the waves. As there was a howling wind at the time, he must have had plenty on his mind ...

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