Barking Deer And Dog In Butterfly Alley

This is the area on our property that I call Butterfly Alley. To the left/west is a block of disused glasshouses, home to a family of muntjac deer. They jump in and out over the wall through a pane of broken glass. To the right/east is a mixed hedge. The butterflies love the area as it is sunny and protected. I haven't seen any plying their way up the alley this year yet but it won't be long. Holly blues have been seen on the wing in Cornwall and brimstones elsewhere.

I saw the, I think young male, munjac before Jazzy did. It stood and returned my gaze for a while, then Jazz spotted it. The foreshortening effect of my 400mm makes it look closer than it is. Jazz started to run, there was no way she was going to get anywhere near it so I didn't reprimand her. Up went its tail, down the ditch it pranced and away. 

I had a drive over to my daughter's as she was planning to come home from work for lunch. I bought her a weird top yesterday and wanted her to have a look at it in case it is suitable for her weekend away.  She made me a very tasty avocado and cottage cheese creation and she likes her strange top. :)

Today's poem is Is My Soul Asleep? by Antonio Machado.

AM's soul wasn't asleep as he was a professional poet, it was imperative to his work that it was awake. I don't think my soul is asleep either, I put it into all that I do, photography in particular. Unlike AM I steer clear of the Stephen Hawking territory of the 'shores of the great silence.' :)    

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