A Day Dominated By Doris

I've been trying to capture storm Doris' wind in a photograph. It's not easy. Wish I lived on the coast. I tried catkins horizontal instead of vertical, trees bending, debris flying and my laundry room floor covered with leaves. None worked.

I went to Fishers Green this afternoon. It was blowing a hoolie. My eyes streamed and I could hardly stand in place and upright. I'd heard that the QE2 bridge was closed, so it wasn't just me. I had the Bittern Hide to myself. It creaked, groaned and flapped like a galleon wallowing in heavy seas. Water from Seventy Acres Lake was whipped up into my face. Bits of reed danced on the wind. 

Surprisingly birds were on the wing. I don't know how they weren't dashed to the ground. A kingfisher flashed past first then I photographed this magpie. A large flock of shovelers kept launching, it seemed for the fun of it. The swan in my extra pic braved the waves for a while and when it took off into the wind it hung there almost motionless. 

Today's poem is Envoy by Ernest Dowson. http://myfavouritepoetry.blogspot.co.uk/2008/03/envoy-by-ernest-dowson.html

So that's where "the days of wine and roses" quote comes from. Another poem about the brevity of life written by a poor, tragic, sickly, alcoholic smitten with unrequited love. :(    

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