The weather today was cold, rainy and windy.  So I stayed indoors.  Caught up with some recorded TV programmes, did the ironing and watched England win the rugby. 

Had something different for my tea - Pigs Cheeks. ( See my extra shot )  First time I have tried them - they were very tasty.  Pigs cheeks need long slow cooking to make them tender so I cooked them for 3 hours - made a casserole with onions, carrots, celery and vegetable stock. Served it with sprouts ( I love sprouts ). The pigs cheeks were certainly tender and just fell apart.. They were inexpensive too. Will certainly buy them again.

Took my blip shot out of a bedroom window at around 6pm.  The glass was splattered with raindrops and the sky had some light but also some dark clouds gathering.  I processed the shot in the camera using the " photo illustration " feature.

Steps today - 3,846

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