Peacefully Drooping

After my excursion into high contrast grit yesterday I thought it best to finish up the Mono Month Challenge for 2017 (thank you Skeena) with something simple and gentle while I get my head around a serious assault on colour for March.

This'll be my personal "Colour Month Challenge" for 2017 (CMC17). Now depending on where one is, that could mean the colours of autumn OR spring. Could be interesting. So all colour starved shooters emerging with withdrawal symptoms from the rigours of MMC17 should feel free to join me if you like. Ummm. Mondays off are allowed so that we can all do Skeena's MM challenge.

Thanks once again to all the wonderful people who attended my 2000 blips celebration, a couple of days ago. It has taken me until now to respond to all those kind folk but in the meanwhile some will have found me missing in action. Expect my re-appearance very soon.

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