Do you think they are Blippers?

First of all, thank you very much for propelling my 1460th Blip to second on the popular pages.  What a great honour that is!  And I had such a lovely time reading all your comments too!  The evening was spent also in the company of Blippers as we had a super meal with Ros and Trev(Chloe stayed at home) at the Lakeland Distillery Bistro.  Well worth looking to see if they have their special menu on offer if you are up there!  (Lakeland Distillery, not Ros and Trev!!!!)

Anyway, today we have had to come home and I managed to convince SHH that we should visit the Stone Circle at Castlerigg before we got on the Motorway.  I have been fiddling about with different settings trying to familiarise myself with the Panasonic Lumix again before deciding if I want to buy another camera at the Photography Show.  I had to be quick with this one as the photographers coming out of the sun weren't going to stop for me fiddling around, so this is the result.  Do you think they might be Blippers?  Maybe they will recognise themselves!  

I rather like it.  Hope you do too.

Home now, preparing to leap into Domestic Goddess mode for my DementiaUK Time for a Cuppa Tea party on Saturday!

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