Cunninghamia konishi

BB woke me to tell me he could hear the rain and that his football would probably be called off.  He was right.  It was a miserable morning, but in the hope of it clearing up we headed to Peebles,  with BB and TT both dreaming of the big breakfast they were going to have.   It seemed a little brighter when we got there – though still grey, but we headed to their chosen café for lunch.

TT ordered his big breakfast, while BB was swayed by the pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.  I stuck with soup – and very good it was too.  Once we had all had our fill, we drove to Dawyck Botanic Garden.  The sun was coming out and the day got better and better, and we had a lovely walk in the sunshine. BB had already asked the question why we always went to Peebles/Dawyck when it is cold, wet and raining, so it was good to be there in the sunshine.

We ended up back in the garden café, where tea, hot chocolate and cake was consumed while we watched a hare, a pheasant and a cat, before we headed home, but not before BB declared that it had been the best day out ever for catching Pokémon!

Once home I had to get ready to go out for a meal with a group of friends – and a very lovely evening it was too.

This is Cunninghamia konishii , an endangered species which is being grown at Dawyck.


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