Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A down-y day

For reasons I don't claim to understand, I awoke feeling very blue this morning.  A long chat with my parents helped, but I'm definitely not in my best form today.  My temper is short and I feel that tears are very close to the surface.  Silly, of course - I've nothing to be sad about.  But, I'll give myself a break today.  No visits to MIL, no household chores, just some quiet time with a book and the cats.

It is freezing cold outside and I wasn't inclined to spend much any time searching for a blip.  So, I took the camera out on the deck and waited approximately one minute for one of the downy woodpeckers to show up - click, click, click.  Done.  This is slightly cropped and minor adjustments to highlights.  This female woodpecker is an everyday yardbird, the 20th species I've blipped this year. She's about 6 inches long, making her N. America's smallest woodpecker.  She and her kind are found throughout most of the US/Canada and are very tolerant of humans.  On more than one occasion, I've had one land on my hand or arm as I'm filling a feeder.

Thank you very much for all the kind comments yesterday.  It may seem like a strange anniversary to record, but I always like to spend a little time reflecting back on my emotions on that day; and on how my life has changed in so many good and powerful ways since that scary moment in the doctor's office.  

Signing off.


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