She'll "tek sum shiftin".

I did a half-hearted Resolution to do a bit more "Wii-ing".
I modified it to "read" 
"Get on the Wii if 'today's' paces fall short."
I then set myself a target to move Alice off the charts.
THE burning question … Can I do it in my lifetime?
In the initial "Balance" games there are 5, we both did. I do those plus one only I did.
Of the five/six, she's still on three of them and likely to take a bit of shifting, the lass could fairly motor up river in one of those ball thingies, on which I've managed, tonight, to shove her down one notch.
It'll be a long battle folks.
In the unlikely event of success, I'll try to move her down the one(s) only she did.

Oh, BTW it's another of my B4 & after ones.

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