a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Well, a small celebration seems to be in order this evening as Janet has been discharged from Southmead and is now home with Incredibish.  I have no doubt that he will be dancing attendance on her hand and foot :-))

A long day at work today, making up for having been a little bit absent on occasions over the last week.  As a result I haven't had the chance to leave the office to try to find a Wide Wednesday blip.  Instead, its another still life shot featuring an Islay Malt that I'm quite partial to - Caol Ila's  Moch (Gaellic for dawn) - although as its a school night I won't be refilling the glass once its emptied.

I did want to say thank you once again to everyone for their kind thoughts, supportive comments, positive vibes and prayers for my sister.  It has meant an awful lot to me. 

I am going to start to try to catch up on other's journals now, although it will probably take until the weekend to get get back up to date.

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