Not Open for Business

We made sure that BB had all his stuff with him this morning when we left the house.  Once I was at work, I had the opportunity to tell my “old team” (those who were around anyway) my good news (which I alluded to yesterday) – which is that I have been offered the job I have been doing on a  temporary basis  as a permanent post - and I have said yes.  It will be a demanding role – as the last few weeks have demonstrated, but I am ready for a new challenge.  I told them I would b back in a few days to clear my “old desk”!

Apart from that, my day was pretty busy and as ever I drew the short straw and had to watch the budget for anything of relevance to our work interests.  As far as I heard, there was only one issue of direct interest, and if I had blinked I would have missed it!

I was the parent helper at badminton tonight.  The coach gave me the responsibility for pairing the kids up for matches, based on his grid and rankings.  It was almost a mathematical exercise – and I certainly didn’t please all the kids who would rather have played with their choice of partner.

Wednesday night is homework night – hand writing, spelling activities and maths were all tackled.  Cello was going to be a step too far.

This empty/derelict building stands alone in a small street.  Contrary to the sign on the door, this does not seem to be open for business.

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