It was another lovely morning as we dropped BB off at breakfast club and then headed to the station.  I don’t feel I achieved much at work today as my day seemed to be all over the place.  I did go to a workshop on inclusive growth this afternoon, but it was fair to say that we all struggled to consider it in the context of our won work.  To be fair we only had twenty minutes for the exercise and I am sure if I had had a couple of days I could have come up with a  good story.

When I arrived to pick BB up from after school club he was outside kicking a football, and I struggled to get him home.  It’s good that the days are getting longer and brighter and that they can get out to play again.  He had a quick turnaround at home, and then back out to cubs.  I then had a quick dash to the supermarket before going for a run.  The hills nearly finished me off, but I made it home in one piece.

I spotted this message on the Old Royal High School when I went out for a short wander in the sunshine at lunchtime.

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