Old Royal High School

It was very chilly this morning, -4 degrees C when we left for work, so it was good to get into the office to warm up.  It was another busy day at work, but when a very unhelpful e-mail came in around lunchtime, I just had to get out for half an hour to clear my head, before starting to address the issues.  Nothing has been resolved, and a couple of my colleagues will hopefully move things forward tomorrow.

There was another lovely sunset as I left the office tonight, but I was running late, so I had no time to try and find a spot unencumbered by seasonal clutter on Princes Street.

I got BB out to cubs on time, and even managed to get him to do his spelling activity, and then went for a walk in the dark to gain some steps on my pedometer.  TT was at a parent council meeting at school.

This is the Old Royal high School in Edinburgh, it was vacated in 1968.  Since then there have been various plans over the years for the building to be converted for use as the Scottish Parliament, a Photography Centre, various hotels and a music school. Nothing has been agreed yet.

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