Something came in the post for Neil this morning so I decided to go to his work and give it to him.  Got the bus to Dunston.  Got off the bus a couple of stops early to get a few more steps under my belt.  My route took me over the bridge which crosses over the A1 and the railway line.  I noticed this " graffiti " painted on the bridge. Such a sad image.  I have " Googled " but apart from a couple of photos on Flickr of the image I couldn't find anything about poor Jimmy Harris.  Thanks to BikerBear for hosting the Flower Friday challenge. 

I spent around half an hour with Neil.  I chatted to him more today than I did on Wednesday when he was at my house as he was asleep for most of the time.  He has 9 days off work to look forward to. Next week he is going on a " Jolly Boys Outing " to Cheltenham Races. He likes to go every year if he can get the time off work. 

After seeing Neil I popped into Aldi which is nearby.  Didn't want much but still came out with a big shopping bag full.

Weather today was overcast and mild.

Becky and Mike have got the end of their first week at work commuting from Sussex.  2 hours there and 2 hours back on the train.  At a cost of £90 a week.  Bit of a change for them - especially Becky who used to walk to work and back every day.  That's the price to pay for living in the country I guess.  Mind you their council tax is cheaper and also Mikes car insurance has been reduced now that he doesn't have a London postcode.  Swings and roundabouts.

Steps today - 7,352

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