You probably thought I was joking when I said that I might have to blip my other Hellebore today - well, here it is in all its glory.

This one is Hellebores x ericsmithii “Snow Love”.  It was quite difficult to photograph as  the flowers are so abundant and it is quite a job to move them into a good position.  I daresay my neighbours wondered what I was doing, but I think they are used to me by now.

I know we all say it, but before I started Blipping, I never really looked at flowers that much.  They were there in a pot or in the border - sometimes they had a wonderful perfume and looked good, but apart from that, I never really took that much notice but now it’s completely different.  In fact, the very centre of a Hellebore is really exquisite and we are hoping that by next year, we might be able to separate this plant and put some into our border in the garden at the back of the house.

I guess we can be like that with people we know - we get so used to them that we never really look “inside” to see what’s there and how beautiful they are.  We just assume that they will always be there and perhaps we don’t realise that like flowers, they have their life and then they leave us - if we haven’t noticed their beauty when they are with us, then we often miss it when it’s gone.  

Let’s look at those we love today, see the beauty in them and maybe even tell them how beautiful they are!

God has made everything beautiful 
     for its own time. 
He has planted eternity 
     in the human heart, 
          but even so, 
people cannot see 
     the whole scope of God’s work 
          from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3 : 11 
New Living Translation

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