Turtle Island Warrier

I think my photo mojo has left me. But since I still want to make a journal entry I need to take a photo. It's getting almost funny. I pick up my camera and stalk around the house looking for something to photograph. This is a sculpture I bought from one of the students who took the ceramics class with me at art camp. She also happens to be a professional ceramic artist and taught the class (which I took) the following year. Her name is Sara Swink and I love her work. 

But I digress. I really wanted to talk about my day. The early part I spent working on photographs of my friends' paintings. I make a little money taking photos for my friends so they can keep a record of their paintings and enter them in shows or display them on their websites. Recently I took some photos and promised the results by next week. So I did those. And I had two gals who have been exceedingly patient waiting for a very long time to get their photos. My computer died. I was sick. I was making the decision about Arvin. I just never completed the work. Finally today I finished one of my friends' work and took the results to her before going to Silverado to visit Arvin. I have one more set of photos to complete and I'll be caught up. That feels great. I won't say how long Elaine waited to get the results today. Literally over half a year. Yikes! It has been a killer year for me. But still. I am not happy I took so long to do the job.

When I got to Silverado Arvin was in his room giving a caregiver a really hard time. I was surprised. She had just helped him get a shower and put lotion on his arms. He was shouting about me not being there (I think) and was just not very nice. This is not the Arvin I know. I went in and tried jollying him out of the mood. It worked some but he was grumpy for quite awhile. Finally he mellowed and we had a good visit. But hearing him yell and be not so sweet was shocking even though I know such moods and actions are part of his disease. He really has regressed so much recently. Once he calmed, we sat with the cat and walked a bit before dinner. When I left he wanted to come with me but seemed to accept that Helena and I will be visiting him for lunch tomorrow.

I've been watching a series on Netflix that I really like called "Heartland." It takes place in Canada, in cowboy country, and I really do love watching it. I'm on Series 2 right now. Not sure how much more I can watch before I catch up, but I'm sure enjoying the show.

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