Arvin and Jenna

I had a hard time deciding which photo to blip today. I've done a lot of Arvin at Silverado lately so I was strongly considering one of the ones I took at the Mount Baker Theater this afternoon. I finally decided on the one of Arvin and the Silverado cat Jenna. You can see her face in this one. She is one of the mellowest and sweetest cats I know. Perfect for her new role at Silverado. They are getting two more cats soon. One is a big Maine Coon and the other is black. I'm looking forward to meeting them when they arrive.

Helena and I visited Arvin and had lunch with him today. We had a nice visit. I finally confirmed that lunch is their big meal of the day. We could choose cheese lasagna or salmon today and both were very good. Helena and I stayed with Arvin until around two when it was time for us to head over to the Mount Baker Theater. The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players were giving a performance of The Pirates of Penzance. The performance was great and H and I had a great time. Afterwards we went to Brandywine for dinner. 

Now I am home chilling after a busy day. It sure was good to be laughing as much as we were during the performance today. It felt like a happy break for both Helena and me.

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