All the Way to the Sea!

I know I've probably said it before but days and places like these are why we go orienteering!  It was the first round heat of the Compass Sport Cup all over the country today and our Club was booked in at the event at Cringle Moor in North Yorkshire against EBORienteers and CLOK (Cleveland).  My blip is taken from the Assembly area on top of the moor at Lordstones and the view goes as far as the sea, the pointy peak being Roseberry Topping.  It was a day of mixed fortunes for us with some of our key runners making errors/missing controls.  Tony and I both scored points on our courses but overall we finished behind CLOK.  The workers amongst us will probably be relieved as the next round is in Devon, a long way to travel for an event of a couple of hours!

It was very enjoyable to be out running around the moor in glorious sunshine and the warm! 

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