An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Ed the Duck...

Look at the twinkle in his eye!  He's already had one bite out that doughnut and looks like he's lining up a second :-)

Had a very restless night with tear inducing pain in my left knee and especially my hip.  I'm putting it down to being on my feet a lot over the past week as well as driving longer distances for the first time in months.

This wasn't helped this morning as I had to drive 40 minutes to my dentist for my six monthly check and what I thought might be an extraction of a tooth on my upper right hand side.  She had a good look at it, declared there was no sign of decay and miraculously, given there's hardly any tooth left, was able to fill it.  She says she would only consider removing it if it was decayed or causing me pain.  So it lives to chew another day!

Warning - mini rant.  When did mothers stop interacting with they children? In the dentist waiting room today there was a mum with a little girl of about two.  The little girl was jumping about on all the chairs and running around, obviously bored.  At one point she was dangling from the handrail at the top of the flight of stairs from the main reception and for a horrifying second, I thought she was going to take a tumble right down them.  Every so often she kept going over to her mum trying to get her attention by patting her leg, pulling her arm or trying to squeeze onto the chair beside her.   

During all this, the mum's attention was fully taken up by her phone.  At one point she was texting, the rest of the time playing a game as I could hear the music.   Every time her little girl attempted to interact with her, she shrugged her off without lifting her eyes from her phone.  

When the dental nurse called her name she finally looked up and I could see the panic in her eye for a split second as she had no idea where her wee girl was (she was hiding under a chair two rows behind her) and only located her by calling her name.  Then she had the cheek to give the wee girl a row for wandering away.  I honestly wanted to punch her! 

When I left the dentist I popped to Ele's to pick up a wallpaper sample she'd picked up for me in Glasgow, then home for a soft lunch.

Tried hard to get organised for our two days away with Agnes and Adrian but needed to rest my hip so sat and did my Tesco order instead.

After dinner I thought half an hour in the pool might help my hip so D and I went in (we've agreed that for safety reasons, there should be no lone swimming)  Did some hydro exercises (painful despite the heat and buoyancy of the water so hopefully that means they're having an impact) then floated on my back listening to the best of Paul Simon.  Utter bliss.

Just had a cuppa and trying to summon the energy to go to bed.  

Not sure if I'll be able to blip the two nights we're away as don't think the wifi is very good where we're going.  Really looking forward to it but slightly apprehensive about leaving Alan.  Not that he's bothered.  He's excited about Ashleigh staying over tomorrow night and Natasha staying over Friday night!

PS  Thoughts please.  We finally got round to opening all the lovely gifts our friends brought to the party on Saturday night and I want to send thank you letters, thanking them for their specific gifts (i.e. not just a general letter saying thank you for the gift!) 

The problem is, whilst many gifts were in gift bags with tags clearly stating who they were from, many weren't!   So there are a large number of gifts with no clue as to who they are from!


I am going to write a list of all the guests and mark those gifts I know against who gave them, so I will be able to clearly see  whose names don't have gifts listed.  But then what do I do?   Should I contact those people asking what they gave?  That feels embarrassing but the gifts are lovely and very generous and I don't like not knowing who I am thanking for what!   

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